Games that can actually help with parenting

I believe dads need more games like 2018’s God of War because it showcases the struggles they can face when trying to parent a maturing child. It provided me the awareness of my own struggles and how I handled them. Showcasing those struggles made the game have an even deeper emotional weight than it already carried on its own terms. It provided a perfect blend of action and emotion that you don't see often in video games these days. …

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Over a year ago my twelve year old son bought the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order video game. As a proud gamer and dad, I would listen in as he would be frantically button mashing to use force powers and swing his lightsaber to defeat enemies as the games protagonist Cal Kestis. In true Star Wars fashion he escaped evil and is on a journey through the galaxy to become a hero. Sometimes I would even find excuses to go in his room just to watch him play and provide veteran gamer tips. We both aren’t die hard Star Wars…

How I learned to stay productive from the comforts of home

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

I have been working from home for a year now due to the pandemic and there have been a few things I’ve learned along the way. I’ve always had the ability to work from home but I was against it because I always felt like I wouldn’t be productive. I’ve always been the type to show up to work ready to dive in and commit until the day is done. I enjoyed being in work mode in the office and relaxed at home. Working from home during the pandemic…

Emotional connection drives my passion for gaming

I’ve been captivated by video games ever since I picked up my first Super Nintendo controller at my cousin’s house and played Star Fox. I had read many books and played with many toys but never anything like this. As a kid, there was a rush and a feeling I had never quite felt before. There were the ups of succeeding and the downs of failure. With success or failure also came a deeper emotional connection between me, the character, and the story. Ever since that day, I have been chasing the emotional rollercoaster that games can put you through.

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

You heard that right. I watched my first stream in August 2020 and I finally understand what all the fuss is about. Unless you’ve been under a rock, streaming has become huge over the past couple of years and for some reason I’ve just kind of ignored it. I don’t have Twitch so I haven’t fallen down the rabbit hole of streamers to watch. I know who all the major streamers are and I’ve seen clips on YouTube but I had never consciously sought out a stream.That is until 2020 of course. …

RaShawn Ganues

Dad, husband, and gamer.

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